SciTech Academy's courses are uniquely designed and adjusted to the learning potential of each class. Students are able to choose the direction of the course to ensure it is more suited to their interests. Our aim is to have as much one-to-one hands on experience with a variety of technologies and encourage an interactive approach to learning. Classes are offered in school, after school, weekends and as holiday clubs.


  • Coding : Learn to program computers in real world languages starting with the basics from Python to C++.
  • IoT Electronics & Coding : Make easy yet amazing IoT devices. From robots & weather stations to home automation.
  • Space Science : The latest space discoveries, astronomy, planetary science, exploration and habitation.
  • Computer Technology : Learn to build a PC, understand the hardware, software, internet and more.
  • IT Networking & Security : Building a network, configuring equipment & how to protect from hacking.
  • 3D Graphics & Game Design : Learn to render 3D objects, code and design with game development tools.

Each course is typically 1 hour per week over 4 to 12 weeks at your preferred location. Quantity and exact duration will be determined by the school, students requirements and course type.


Learning to code a real language is a useful tool that can be built upon for life. Programming is a creative achievement and quite rewarding. Learning one simple language will open up the concept of coding and allow you to progress in any direction. Courses are very much hands on and project based. Each student must have a laptop to work on unless the course specifically states that one is included.

  • MS Small Basic : A simple basic language that includes the Turtle game for absolute beginners. [Ages 6 to 12]
  • Python : One of the most popular starter languages. Works on any platform PC, Mac & Linux. A general purpose language used for desktop applications, websites, education, maths, AI and more. [Ages 10 to 17]
  • HTML & CSS : Used to display text, images, links and sound on most web pages. Quick to learn and a fundamental in understanding before moving onto more complex web based languages. [Ages 12 to 17]
  • PHP & MySQL : Easy to program and very popular. A powerful language that is used to create web applications and interactions with databases. Websites like Wordpress, Facebook, Wikipedia all use it. [Ages 12 to 17]
  • JavaScript : The go to language for making a website more interactive, functional and responsive. Most of the special effects you see on websites are created using this. [Ages 14 to 17]
  • C++ : A very powerful language that allows direct control over the hardware. Used in game development, hardware programming and the most powerful desktop applications. Used by Google, Adobe and Microsoft. [Ages 12 to 17]
  • Unreal Engine : This is not technically a language but a suite of game development tools that uses C++ and creates life like 3D graphics in realistic environments. [Ages 14 to 17]
We have selected these languages as the most appropriate to learn for a professional programming career.

IoT Electronics and Coding

A well rounded course that introduces you to both coding and electronics. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fairly new arena of smart devices that are low cost, easy to build and very useful. Just about everything is changing to a smart device these days. Learning basic electronics and coding is all that is required to get started. There are literally thousands of project ideas to create and explore. Take your creation home with you!

  • IoT Basics : Learn about the basics of electronics, power requirements, input and output and how to install code on a simple IoT device. [Ages 10 to 17]
  • IoT Advanced : Building on the basics, you will learn to assemble components, add sensors, solder, code C++ or Python and finally create a fun project such as a smart LED display, robot, weather station or one of a thousand other ideas. Devices like Raspberry PI's, Micro:bit's, ESP8266's, ESP32's and Arduino boards are used depending on the class project. [Ages 12 to 17]
Skills covered in the courses include:

  • Understanding common electronics components
  • Power requirements in electronics
  • WiFi understanding
  • Interfacing computers to devices
  • Basic soldering of wires and components
  • Discovering the world of sensors
  • Learning to design a circuit
  • Working with smart modules
  • Digital and analogue systems
  • Coding in MakeCode(Visual blocks), Python or Arduino C++

IoT Electronics courses require each student to have access to a laptop.

Space Science

Introduction to a wide range of space based subjects. Find out about the latest amazing discoveries in space science! Explore our solar system and understand what it takes for us to live in space and on Mars. Find out why ExoPlanets are so exciting. Spark your interest in astronomy or planetary science and you never know what you could be learning next. [Ages 9 to 17]

Skills covered in the courses include:

  • Latest space discoveries
  • The planets of our solar system
  • Space exploration
  • Living in space and on Mars
  • Astronomy and solar astronomy
  • Extra-galactic astronomy
  • Space and planet chemistry
  • Basic astrophysics
  • Black holes
  • Time travel
  • Solar exploration
  • Gravitational forces
  • Space ships, space stations and satellites
  • Amazing space calculations

Computer Technology

Explore the many aspects of computers. Learn about the inner workings, the latest hardware and how to build your own computer system. Discover what makes computers faster or slower and how gaming is becoming one of the biggest industries. Understand new internet and wireless technologies that are coming soon. The future of mobile devices. Data protection and recovery. Online safety and hacking. What you can do with programming. And how to forge a career in computers. [Ages 11 to 17]

Skills covered in the courses include:

  • Computer hardware explained
  • How networks work
  • Wireless technology
  • Operating systems
  • Computer gaming
  • Introduction to cyber security
  • Data storage, safety & recovery
  • Coding language options
  • Secret ciphers
  • Mobile technology
  • Top 10 careers in IT

IT Networking & Security

Building on the Computer Technology course. We explore one of the fastest growing sectors in computers. Cyber security is now a essential requirement in today's world and this works together with understanding how computer networks operate. This course will explain the essential and give you the skills to explore this field further. [Ages 14 to 17]

Skills covered in the courses include:

  • Building a local area network
  • Ports & protocols explained
  • Capturing data
  • Ethical hacking
  • Network components
  • Wireless vs wired
  • Firewalls and VPN's
  • Switches and Cabling
  • Cryptography
  • Cyber defence
  • Malware
  • Zero-days
  • Virtual machines


Depending on the circumstances, we will work with you to ensure funding can be allocated from:

  • Government Grants
  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • School Budgets
  • Match Funding
  • Fund Raising

Donations of equipment are very welcome. Reasonable 13 to 15" laptops and 24 to 27" monitors are in particular need. Many courses require electronic equipment that is not typically available second hand and best purchased in bulk, ideally with the help of a corporate sponsor.

Any form of donation will be credited to the organisation/individual and branding will be displayed at the event and online.


Are you interested in volunteering and helping out students on our courses?

  • Enjoy technical things?
  • Able to code in at least 1 language that we offer?
  • Can donate minimum of 1hr per week?
  • At least 21 years old?
  • Complete background check and interview?
  • Confident in helping others?
  • Have your own transport?

A technical background in line with our STEM courses is essential, along with an enhanced DBS certificate.

Help us to encourage the next generation of students. Meet like minded people and enhance your skills.

A great addition to your CV and for reference.

Please contact us to receive your information pack on how it works.


If you would like to enquire about courses for your school, club or institution then please complete the contact form below and we will get back to you shortly. We are also able to arrange on-line bespoke courses for smaller groups (minimum of six students) upon special request.

We are currently covering the East Sussex area specifically but all enquiries are welcome.